Written Notice for Withdrawal:

To initiate a refund, written notice must be provided by a student to Halifax Language Institute, stating his/her conditions for withdrawal. Refund entitlement: Refund entitlement is calculated on the total fees due under the registration agreement, less the applicable non-refundable fees and service charges of the financial service/institution that processes the refund. Where total fees have not yet been collected, Halifax Language Institute is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date.

1. Student is declined admission to Canada : If the student’s application for admission to Canada is declined, Halifax Language Institute will refund all money paid less the Non-Refundable Registration fee ($150 CDN) and related financial charges. Student/Agent will provide proof of non-admission document issued by Canada Immigration Services.

2. Students who cancel before the start date: Students who cancel before the start date AND who return the original letter of acceptance will receive a refund of all fees minus a 10% cancellation fee.

3. Students who cancel before the start date and who do NOT return the original letter of acceptance will not receive a refund.

4. Students who withdraw within the first week of classes: Students who withdraw during the first week of classes, up until 4:00 p.m. on the first Friday of the semester, will receive a refund of 80% of the tuition fee only. There will be no refund of registration fees, books, health insurance, homestay registration, or homestay fees.

5. Students who withdraw after the first week of classes: Students who withdraw after 4:00 p.m. on the first Friday of the semester will not receive a refund.

6. Student is dismissed: No refund will be issued. Management retains the right to waive the cancellation fee at its sole discretion. 


June 25th- August 17th, 2018

Still accepting applications!

Applying to Halifax Language Institute

Thank you very much for your interest in applying to Halifax Language Institute. Below are the application procedures for: 

-Part-time study
-Full-time study 
-Test Prep

-Private or group lessons

Apply for a program: To apply for one of our programs, please complete the application form here (Program Application Form) and accompany it with the application fee (non-refundable), or email info@hfxlanguage.ca .

Apply for home-stay and airport pick-up: If you are interested in living with a home-stay family, please email info@hfxlanguage.ca , and we will send you a copy of our application form. 

Pay your fees: After you submit your application, we will email you an invoice which includes all fees along with detailed payment instructions. You will receive the Letter of Acceptance when your application and fees have been received.

Apply for a visa/study permit: For those who plan to stay in Canada for longer than six months, you need to obtain a Study Permit. For more information on how to apply for a visa, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada

*Please contact us if you wish to start at another time.
*Please check our Tuition Fees page for information regarding associated costs. 

How to Pay
Students can pay their deposits and tuition fees via email money transfer, certified check, money order, cash, or Bank Wire Transfer.