Qian Qian (Queeny), Student Services Coordinator 

​​Our favorite Chinese in-house girl, has been living in Canada over the past 12 years. Originally, she settled in Toronto; however, after attending Acadia University in 2004, she realized how much she loves Atlantic Canada. Queeny holds a Bachelor of Economics, and enjoys travelling, spending time in her newly purchased home, and making new friends. She is always here with a smile, to lend a hand to our students and staff.

Seonaid MacFarlane, EAL Teacher
Seonaid is originally from Scotland, and has been enjoying her new home in Nova Scotia for over two years. She's a world traveler who has lived, and/or worked in Nigeria, Spain & Dubai. She holds a CELTA certificate, is currently completing a B.A in Modern Language Studies, has an Oxford TEFL Diploma, and a certificate in Copy Editing. When not teaching she can be caught playing her bagpipes, hiking or spending time with her family and dogs.



Charlotte Peak, Academic Director

Originally from Leicestershire, England, Charlotte became a proud Nova Scotian the day she discovered Cow’s ice cream. A lover of languages and passionate teacher, she considers the classroom to be her second home. Charlotte holds a M.A in Social and Political Thought, a B.A in English, and a TESL/TESOL certificate. If you can’t find her at HLIC, she’s probably wandering the waterfront with a cone of soft-serve or nestled in a cozy coffee shop writing.

Previous instructors include:

Our team consists of several helpful and dynamic people ready to make your

Halifax experience unforgettable! Here are a few...

Jordan Reed,  Executive Director

A world traveler and lover of diverse cultures, Jordan brings a fantastic energy to our school. She has taught English in Korea and Canada, and has volunteered in ESL  teaching in India and Cambodia. Jordan has an M.Ed in TESL, a B.A in International Development Studies, a B.A in Comparative Religious Studies, and a TESOL/TEFL certificate. She is bilingual in French and English, and has studied Spanish and Korean languages. She is understanding of processes students go through in language acquisition and travelling abroad, as well as is equipped first hand knowledge on how to help students deal with culture shock and relocation. When not working at HLIC,  she can often be found out in her garden, or walking in the woods with her family and dog.

Mary Cameron, Activities Coordinator & EAL Teacher
Mary has taught English extensively in Korea, Japan, China and Canada. She is a lover of art, cats, books, cardigans, traveling and Thai food. Mary holds a CELTA certificate, a B.A in English Literature, and is currently working towards a Master Degree. Mary's laugh can often be heard echoing through the school halls, to the enjoyment of everyone. 

Currently we are looking for new  volunteer receptionists--> please contact us if you would like to know more information.

Interested in joining our team? Please email executivedirector@hfxlanguage.ca with your questions and CV. We look forward to hearing from you!

Laura Puglsey         Mary-Anne Denis        Josh McIsaac         Wanda Cummings-    Angela Seitz


Alexis Pascual, Student Recruitment Officer 

Alex is passionate about ESL and international education, as teaching English has been part of his journey in life for many years. Originally he hails from Cuba, which makes him a native Spanish speaker, therefore he has a first-hand understanding of the process of second language acquisition.  He holds a MBA, B.Ed, IT Diploma, and a ESOL Certificate. He is energetic about introducing non-native speakers to North American culture in a dynamic and fun way. He loves swimming and spending time reading at the library. On long weekends you can find him road tripping around eastern Canada with his kids.


Abdalla Elghazayel, EAL Teacher
Abdalla is from Libya, which means his first language is Arabic. He has studied English for many years, and understands the challenges in learning a second language. Abdalla holds a M.Ed in TESL, a B.A in English Literature and Applied Linguistics, and a CELTA certificate. Teaching English has given him the opportunity to know more about other cultures, and appreciate life in Canada. As he now living abroad, he understands culture shock and how it feels to be far from home, which makes him very empathetic to what our students may be experiencing while studying here. He is an outdoor person, and his free time is often spent skateboarding and playing tennis.