June 2017

Yoonkeong- South Korea

Student of the month 

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This program has been designed for students who do not wish to continue their post-secondary education at an English speaking institution, and want to focus more on communication and conversation skills.  Students will attend classes for 25 hours per week.  The classes will consist of lessons with integrated skills, while additionally focusing on developing vocabulary, register, and speaking skills for communicating about a wide range of topics.  Each week a different unit will be covered in class, allowing students to gain confidence speaking and conversing about numerous topics. 

General Business English

Our Business English program is for students who have at least a low intermediate level of English and who wish to learn English in a business context.  Students receive 25 hours of classroom instruction per week.  Students will study a general English program of integrated skills in the morning class, and will focus on different aspects of business in the afternoon class. The following are examples of selected modules included in our General Business Program.

            Human Resources

            Socialization and Networking

            Banking and Finance

            Marketing, Sales and Advertising

            Business Communications

            Negotiations and Business Contracts

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